USB Tanner

Rolf Coppens
March 31st 2006


Don't let the sun have the monopoly on making people love you more. Get the USB Desktop Tanning center and, in the comfort of your own cubicle, a scrumptiously golden tone can be yours in about the same time it takes you to update your lame blog with another meaningless entry that nobody will ever read. Ever.


  • Two base units attach to either side of your monitor
  • 4 WOLFFE Ultra-violet 100 watt bulbs
  • USB Powered
  • Variable rate knob features three settings (Powder, Tea, Malignant)
  • Comes with eyeball cover thingies!

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Posted 02/04/2006 – 12:19

Ok then.. although it seems to be 100% gadet it does make a point. Let's take it out of the can again..

Posted 01/04/2006 – 17:48

hmmm I thought it was interesting to think about offices. This is not really weird, but it's real and for sale.. I think it says a lot about our culture and how we replace nature with office nature

Posted 01/04/2006 – 13:09

Can I put this in the trashcan mate?

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