We Love You Lucy

April 8th 2006


Lucy the Margate Elephant is a New Jersey landmark built in 1881. Pilgrims came from all around to gaze in wide wonder at the Elephant god (after gambling). The back of this beautiful postcard from Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1950's, reads:

The only elephant in the world you can go through and come out alive. This famous building was erected in 1885. The elephant contains ten rooms; its interior is visited by thousands.

Check her out!

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Karl Grandin
Posted 09/04/2006 – 16:22

But it must have looked crazy back in 1881 when they built it. Still does!

Posted 09/04/2006 – 00:06

Haha, imagine whole cities in zoomorphic architecture.. no, this is probably not the future of architecture.

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