Beaver 2.0

Rolf Coppens
May 11th 2006


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Posted 12/05/2006 – 01:25

Ha, this is the opposite of biomimicry. :-)
Biomimicry is the science that studies nature's models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs and processes to solve human problems. (yes i should write a seperate post about this).
This friendly beaver should register :-) "How animals are inspired by human inventions and try to imitate human designs or processes to solve animal problems."

What is your view on the coronavirus?

Koert van Mensvoort: The virus makes us aware of other lifeforms with other perspectives, desires and needs. It also teaches us that we are one humanity. These viral invaders don’t discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, income, social status, political or sexual preference. We are together and must work together to overcome. Stay safe.

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