Dock painting

Rolf Coppens
May 16th 2006


The new Bob Ross has arrived: his name be Gautam Rao.
This painting shows a magnified part of the dock in OSX. I especially wanted to highlight the Picassoesque face on the Mac logo. Sometimes the smallest details can be the most artful. To my knowledge no one else has made a series of Mac paintings. My goal is to find the extraordinary in everyday experience. Visit my blog for more information

Before we used to paint nature, now we moved on to next nature.

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Posted 17/05/2006 – 13:07

sure... if you frame something you tend to look at it better. Back in the days people were in these landscapes all the time, now they are inside their computers all the time.

Posted 16/05/2006 – 22:28

Nice that the paintings are also sold through ebay.. It is said that people started appreciating the esthetics of the certain landscapes only after artist painted these landscapes.. something similar going on here?

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