Doomed Panda

Rolf Coppens
May 22nd 2006


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Posted 23/05/2006 – 18:14

Ok Rolf, this post certainly has a trashcan quality.. but still, sometimes you have those posts that are nice, but aren't really about 'nature becomes culture' and certainly not about 'culture about nature'.. Maybe they shouldn't be on the blog anyway.. :-)

Posted 23/05/2006 – 16:42

negative is good ;)
if you think something is noot good, throw it away!

Posted 22/05/2006 – 15:51

Arnoud, you mean we should put it in the 'trashcan' ? I am not sure about the categorisation of this post. Is this 'Nature becomes culture'?
I propose to rename the trashcan category to 'uncategorised' or 'off topic' to get rid of the negative feeling.

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