Animals in advertising

May 29th 2006


The work of photographer Michael Wolf, amazing photos of buildings, plants, food and furniture. And unicorns.

His website is definitely worth a look.

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Posted 30/05/2006 – 14:27

Great series, I've changed the link to the 'animals in advertising' series. Deeplinking is better.
Also the architecture series is amazing.
That's in the 'culture becomes nature' category then. We should make a seperate post for that. Very Next nature photographer.

Karl Grandin
Posted 29/05/2006 – 23:51

It's all on the website, check the link in the post. Here's a shortcut to what I think you're looking for –

Posted 29/05/2006 – 19:15

you told me there is a series called Animals at work. I would like to see the whole series!

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