Van Mensvoort
June 15th 2006

Alligator lopper

The sciences of biomimicry studies nature's models and then imitates or takes inspiration from these designs to solve human problems: Culture imitates nature. The Black&Decker Alligator lopper (video) is a new chainsaw inspired by an alligator. But I am unsure if this gardening tool is actually inspired by a the alligator we know from old nature. I believe it is more of a marketing thing to call your chainsaw 'Alligator'. Hence a new tag: Biomimicmarketing.

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Posted 23/05/2006 – 18:12

You are right rolf.. if there is no mimmicry it can not be biomimicmarketing.

Posted 23/05/2006 – 12:44

i think it's only biomimicmarketing if it actually is taking a feeling of nature and putting it on the product... With an Apple or Bugaboo that's kind of questionable.

Posted 23/05/2006 – 02:36

jaguar sports car,
bugaboo frog.

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