Van Mensvoort
June 30th 2006


Bioplastics are a form of plastics derived from plant sources such as hemp oil, soy bean oil and corn starch rather than traditional plastics which are derived from petroleum. This is regarded as a much more sustainable activity, as it relies considerably less on fossil fuel imports and produces less greenhouse emissions. In addition, bioplastics are truly Biodegradable, as opposed to what is traditionally referred to as "biodegradable plastic", which is derived from petroleum and is mixed with heavy metals which will cause polyethylene to break down.

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Posted 19/07/2006 – 15:52

pls send iseful info about bioplastic

Posted 22/05/2006 – 15:58

Good find Arnoud! I'd say.. create some nice image with it and you have a separate post.

Posted 20/05/2006 – 13:48

This article: is about genetically modified plants that contain PHB: "The discovery is important because it directly harnesses the energy of the sun via plant photosynthesis make widely used industrial products. The plastic is made and stored inside the growing plants’ cells. (...) PHB plastic made by bacteria is quite expensive, costing about $12 a pound. Plastics made from ordinary oil cost only 50 cents per pound."

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