Excuse me, is Your Tooth Ringing?

Van Mensvoort
June 16th 2006

The 'tooth phone' consists of a tiny vibrator and a radio wave receiver implanted into a tooth during routine dental surgery. Sound, which comes into the tooth as a digital radio signal, is transferred to the inner ear by bone resonance, meaning information can be received anywhere and at any time - and nobody else can listen in. However, the 'telephone tooth' does not allow people to talk back to callers or make outgoing calls.

See the full project by Auger Loizeau here.

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R McDuff
Posted 12/08/2014 – 15:29

I have had one of these implanted by my local demist without my permission,, it has been driving me insane,, How do I get rid of this.. There will be a law suite coming from this..

Russell Mc Duff
Posted 12/08/2014 – 14:05

I beleave I have had one of these implanted by a local firm with intent to control me,, How & who do I call to tell them of this

Pam of Park Forest IL
Posted 16/11/2012 – 01:13

I havent been to this site for awhile. I see people asking more about WHAT the audio tooth is. the one AS shown on this site , is similar to the original one I had implanted in me without consent, but it has progressed and updated with newer technology. It looks more like a small clump of mesh, somekind of soft fiber, I have seen it look a bit like a net, (tiny) and it also appears to be in the form of think of an acrylic fishing wire you fish with. its cut very small less than the size of your finger tip to the bend of the first tip on the small finger. It is almost unnoticable. I believe it was stuck into the ROOT to fill my root canal and then Sealed in with dental affixture during the second part of my root canal procedure. When you XRAY it looks like a FILLED ROOT.
i also have seen very thin tiny metal pin like strips that can also be inserted into the root. The thing is , once done the dentist wont see you again because whoever manipulate them knowingly or UNKNOWINGLY ( as in my second root canal procedure) MAKES SURE they wont talk to you or see you again no matter how good the relationship was. Then they try to do away with the medical bill and record that you were there, and in time something negative happens to the dentist by accident .
I know of persons in the Chicago area who KNOW A ACTUAL dentist to go to , to have it inserted and yet removed, but they wont tell me WHO TO SEE to have mine removed although there is nobody involved that doesnt know I HAVE THE ORIGNAL ONE , as well as a more recent implant. I have also the details on the expansion of their network and techonology used in the UNITED STATES and provided much of it to the US military. They left me a victim of circumstances and somehow allow this suppor that i am not sane to continue to hawk and stalk me. Even the white house allowed someone named SUSAN to claim it was her When I ACTUALLY WAS IN OBAMAs office as a citizen during his tenure as a US Senator. Nobody has resolved any of my issues that I cannot do alone.( nov 16 2012)

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