Green Electricity

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
June 16th 2006


Electricity itself is a natural phenomena, but as regular AC/DC currency it becomes a commoddity. But Green Electricity is a strange thing. You pay more money for your electricity which the providers say they will invest in environmental friendly energy like windenergy and waterpower. So the 'green' addition to the product is purely virtual.

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Cathy Sander
Posted 20/11/2010 – 19:29

There's no such thing as 'green electricity'. There's just ways of generating an electric current by changing magnetic fields, as described by Faraday's law..which happen to not use fossil fuels. That's all. No fancy advertising, no need for hype. It's physics, folks! And it's good, since our society runs on electricity.

Arnoud van den Heuvel
Posted 30/03/2009 – 18:00

@ Афанасий
Why bother grammar mistakes if it's only real estate you are selling?

Posted 29/03/2009 – 14:23

Автор молодец, правда я нашёл несколько грамматических ошибок в тексте...

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