Info Toaster

Rolf Coppens
June 18th 2006

Toasted bread as an information display device (originally developed in 2001 but somehow still intruiging): a toaster that parses meteorological information from the web and then browns bread with an image of what weather to expect, readable and consumable on the way to work. The image is burned on to the bread by one of 3 stencils, representing sunny, cloudy or rainy conditions.

Eventually, the stencils could become more sophisticated, to display detailed weather maps, short text messages and even advertisements on to bread.

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Posted 28/11/2006 – 18:38

Check this link for the toaster upgrade:

Posted 23/07/2006 – 05:30

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Posted 10/05/2006 – 00:44

Butter printer! great idea. And in the eavening we have information spagetti.

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