Sequoiaview – harddisk visualisation

Van Mensvoort
June 19th 2006


Did you ever wonder where all that hard drive space went too? Sequoiaview generates organic-like views of the files and folders on your hard drives using cushion treemaps. SequoiaView was developed by Jack van Wijk at the computer science department of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

Sequoiaview can be downloaded for free.

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Posted 15/03/2010 – 08:01

i pitty you windows underlings.

Posted 07/09/2009 – 13:55

spacemonger has been around for a while too, and is actually functional (zooming, browsing etc)

Posted 19/06/2006 – 17:11

Prof. Jack van Wijk will be present at the upcomming Visual Power show and give a talk on HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE DATAJUNGLE

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