Babybunny – stuffed pets as toys

Van Mensvoort
August 13th 2006

tinkebell babybunny

Nowadays, young children are so used to the omnipresence of disposable toys. When their parents buy them a living pet animal they are unable to take care of it. Hamster tend to get toasted, or just ignored. Tinkebell (allready notorious for her cat bag) argues it is beter to give these children babybunnie toys, made out of stuffed animals.

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Normal Person
Posted 15/02/2012 – 20:31

Hey... you should be the one to be taxidermed!!
Maybe you could be the personal figure in THE FAMILY ADAMS! Or the FREAKenstein!
What a retard work you do!

Posted 01/02/2011 – 07:36

actually... I love it! That´s a funky toy.
I wish i had one of those when i was a kid.
Open your mind peasants!

peta suporter
Posted 30/07/2010 – 18:05

p.s. i am a vegitarian.

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