Furniture comes to life

Arnoud van den Heuvel
September 24th 2006

wouter scheubling
When a dog walks, the leg that is put forward, is simultaniously followed by the diagonal-opposite leg (f.e. left/back+right/front or right/back+left/front). Wouter Scheublin (design academy Eindhoven, NL) takes this principle and makes his table come to live.

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Posted 10/12/2006 – 16:03

Here's another peculiar table... inspired by flowers?

Posted 25/09/2006 – 02:39

pictures taken yesterday (23.09.2006) at KOP / AEKI :
Posted 25/09/2006 – 01:19

Great work. Dynamic furniture is our future. I hate those static chairs & tables just standing there unused 90% of the time.
p.s. I've added a link to the earlier post on Dynamic Terrain.

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