Second life prostitute

Van Mensvoort
October 23rd 2006

online prostitute

The world's oldest profession has made quick inroads into virtual life. You can make a quick buck if you're willing to accept in-game money for sexual services -whether that's just dirty chat, or full-on animated action. For example, "Khannea" took her first client on her very first day in Second Life, and since then has been busy working many days per week, several hours per day. She dresses her avatar in provocative clothing, and simulates sexual activity using a variety of animated actions and pre-recorded sounds.

"I do this for fun, because I am exceedingly good at it, and because I make relatively easy money," she says. Khannea charges 750 Lindens (about $3 at current exchange rates) per half hour "of varied activity," but clients generally tip more. On one occasion a man in game paid her 5,000 Lindens, but, she says, "I expect he was taking revenge on his [real world] girlfriend by spending her virtual money. It takes all kinds."

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Posted 06/10/2012 – 23:25

i m too hot than you think

Posted 08/09/2012 – 17:31

I am an Escortgirl too.
just contact me inworld or over my blog
Inworld Name
Kati Seerose

BilliAnn Bravin
Posted 10/04/2012 – 11:06

I'm a prostitute, too! Contact BilliAnn Bravin inworld for full service! :)

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