Artvertising: pixel ads become physical

Van Mensvoort
November 29th 2006

artvertising opbouw

In the early days of digitalization many metaphors from the physical world were translated to the digital world; think desktop folders, trashcan and shopping cart. Now we have reached the point where digital technology has become so omnipresent, that we start seeing activities in the opposite direction.

With the Artvertising project, the Milliondollar homepage is translated to the physical world. Upon the success of Milliondolar homepage, an online concept created by 20 year old minipreneur Alex Tew, we've seen millions of copies online. Last June the design department of the Amsterdam based artschool Sandberg Institute announced something different: they sell their building facade with the same pixel based concept.

artvertising milliondollarhomepage becomes physical

The idea was conceived by Sandberg student Teun Castelein. A project in the blend between cyberspace & physical space, art & commerce, public space & private business. Over 300 companies, artists and institiutions bought a share of the 15000 tiles on the building facade.

The sale is now closed. The installation of the pixelfacade started two weeks ago and tiles are added every day. The official opening will take place on December 2nd.


The Artvertising building team.

artvertising milliondollarhomepage becomes physical

artvertising milliondollarhomepage becomes physical

Early pictures of the pixelfacade under construction

artvertising milliondollarhomepage becomes physical detail

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Posted 07/11/2011 – 04:15

that is pretty cool. I wish they would sort it so we could play tetris on the side of that building as well

Orry Moody
Posted 24/09/2010 – 07:31

To whom it may concern:
My name is Orry Moody and I am a senior at Freed-Hardeman University and the co-founder for I want to present you with a unique opportunity. I want to share with you the experience that I have started at is a website unique to the internet. It is a website set out to break the world record for most ads on a single page (sounds crazy I know, but it worked for so much that Alex Tew was receiving over 200,000 views weekly, I plan to surpass that). With your help together we can break a world record. It starts with you! This isn't an opportunity that comes knocking on your door very often, or even ever in a lifetime. You have an opportunity to be a part of something that could break a world record on the most popular media in the world, the internet! The opportunities of this site are endless. It is left up to you to decide. Will you take this opportunity and possibly be a part of something that makes internet history or will you pass it up move on and miss this chance that may never come again? When we created this website we created it with faith. Faith that we will let ever get us down. Faith that tells us this site will make its dream a reality. Help me help you. I am offering to share my dream with you, will you give me a chance to prove myself?
Even if you choose not to directly be involved with the website, keep a check on us. Follow us on twitter at and Like us on Facebook at Tell your friends.
Thanks for your time!
Orry Moody

Posted 05/12/2006 – 15:12

This is so cool!!!!!!!

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