Virtual missing limb

Arnoud van den Heuvel
November 16th 2006

"Many people who lose a limb experience the sensation that it is still attached to their body. This is also often accompanied by a feeling of pain in the missing appendage. Amputees who experience "phantom limb pain" could find relief with a 3D virtual reality system that creates the illusion that they can once again control their missing limb. The person using the system wears a head-mounted display and operates a controller with their remaining limb. The system lets them control a virtual arm or a leg, which is shown in 3D in place of their missing limb."

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Posted 28/11/2006 – 18:20

Check the Iarm:

Posted 20/11/2006 – 14:34

This link illustrates what I was talking about:
Posted 19/11/2006 – 23:56

Wow post Arnoud.. how would it feel to have phantom pains in phantom limbs..

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