Bionic Woman

Van Mensvoort
December 31st 2006

bionic arm
26-year old Claudia Mitchell has become the first woman to get outfitted with a bionic arm, with which she's able to perform functions simply by thinking about them. The arm was designed by researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and works by detecting the movement's of Mitchell's chest muscle, which has been rewired to the nerves that once served her left arm. Eventually, researchers say, the arm could even give Mitchell the sense of touch, with electrodes in the hand sending signals to her chest skin, which her brain would recognize as a sensation.

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Posted 14/01/2010 – 00:32

Schwarzenegger future is becoming real!

Posted 10/08/2009 – 12:48

freakin dats kwel has dn wonders v cn sae.............

Posted 18/09/2008 – 01:03

Well bionic arms are not about "looks" they are about functionality. Although I also have seen lots of anime with bionic arms like "Full Metal Alchemist" which awesome.
I'm sure with the improvement to the arm by 2015, or so we should have arms that glide effortlessly with the simplest of thoughts and we would probably improve the look of it...something metallic maybe...with armor.
Lol, If it does get to that point I'm going to have my arm severed and replaced with that one!

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