Grow Your Own 1up Mushroom Kit

Dr Natural
December 1st 2006

Deep in the basement of an ancient house in Sonobe (tucked in the fields of Kyoto, Japan), an amazing discovery has been made: real 1up Mushrooms. The seller claims that eating the 1up Mushroom will grant "immortal life beyond dreams of man."

Try to buy them and find out more.

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Posted 04/12/2007 – 00:04

Seriously, one of those world own, Even though I hate this taste of mushrooms I must buy one so badly

Posted 06/07/2007 – 03:09

Where can i get one of those?! I wouldnt eat it, just take pictures of it.

Posted 29/05/2007 – 00:46

Does it bring the dead back to life?

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