Growing a Hidden Architecture

Christian Kerrigan
December 5th 2006

Christian Kerrigan's project, Growing a Ship in a Yew Forest "explores the possibilities of a symbiotic relationship between two different systems of organization, technology and nature— to theoretically alter newly planted trees in the last remaining Yew forest."(Kingley Vale)

Architect & Editor of 'The Space Between'magazine, Christian Kerrigan investigates in his recent work, how man's ability to control his surroundings is intimately linked with his advancing capabilities of using technology. Christian says "We have reached a point in our evolution where we are now capable of creating design criteria to manipulate natural growth and development."

By controlling the manipulation of refined armatures, calibrating devices and designed corsets; the system is capable of controlling the growth of a ship inside the forest. The ship will grow over a period of two hundred years and will exist as a hidden architecture inside the trees.

forrest view

growing ship

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Posted 21/01/2009 – 07:28
Christian Kerrigan
Posted 26/10/2007 – 20:15

Hi there, thank you for your messages. I am putting together a small book which will explain more about this work and other emergent systems. At the moment the work is solely theoretical and an installation has not yet been arranged! If you have any questions or comments I would be very happy to talk with you.

Posted 26/10/2007 – 11:30

Amazing concept, where can i see more pictures and find out more about the methods used ?
We spent hours roaming the forest looking for this , and failed, much to my son's disappointment... any clues ?

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