Attack of the Metal Eating Plants

Van Mensvoort
January 26th 2007

David Salt (R), John Freeman

Genetically modified plants may be the green solution for cleaning up polluted sites. Researchers David Salt and John Freeman aim to develop plants that remove toxic metals from the environment in a process known as phytoremediation, or extract useful metals from soil, a process known as phytomining.

The attack of the metal eating plants! Much cheaper than bulldozing the soil and carting it off for landfill or to some decontamination facility.

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payal sharma
Posted 09/05/2007 – 08:53

i am a scholar of mathematics.i am looking for these plants.i wish to learn the mechanism, how these plants extract toxic metals from soil.i would be very grateful if you could provide me with this information and also a list of such plants. are there any natural metal eating plants or only genetically modified ones exist?

Posted 30/01/2007 – 03:49

(link) using spinach to remediate lead pollution in soil:

Posted 30/01/2007 – 03:47

Even un-genetically modified plants are being used to clean up some some soil pollutants: the University of Southern Maine is using

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