Never mind guitar solo’s | ReacTable

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
January 5th 2007


Ever seen a performance of electronic musicians? No matter the genre, these events don't have the reputation of being very lively, rock 'n roll-like experiences. In the best case, you have a good VJ to make up the lack of a visual element in what the people on stage are doing behind their laptops. But now there's The ReacTable®, a device that combines a graphic user interface (GUI) with a hands-on feeling. Sounds are triggered and sequenced by moving objects around on a flat square. Not quite a Jimmy Page guitarsolo, but a small leap in an interesting direction.

reacTable | Watch the movie here

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Posted 06/01/2007 – 04:55

Great! I love babies & technology.. :-)

Posted 06/01/2007 – 04:39

Took the freedom to add more baby :P

Posted 05/01/2007 – 23:29

Cool natural interface! Reminds of bumptop:
p.s. I did some cleanup on your post. Adding tags , links and pictures still difficult? Get firefox.

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