Flesh Nike

Van Mensvoort
February 16th 2007

nike flesh shoe nextnature
A Nike shoe stapled together with human flesh, created by Adam Brandejs.

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Posted 29/12/2007 – 05:44

i think this is gross and it is definately not "neat" and this guy is disturbed and has way too much time on his hands.

Posted 29/12/2007 – 01:50

u sick fucking bastard whoeva skin dat is they need 2 come back and beat dat damn skin off yo ass 4 real dat id da sickest shit dat i have seen SOB dat is fucked up

Posted 27/12/2007 – 21:45

daaammnnnn those beat my flights any day no but seriousley wtf that is gross you would get like so much foot disease if you wore those

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