Rolf Coppens
April 16th 2007


Compubeaver by Kasey McMahon

"I am interested in the way we interact with nature. As we become increasingly reliant on technology, we become disconnected from our natural environment. Nature then is a spectacle (i.e. holy crap, that's a beaver!), an outing, a thing that is nonexistent in our daily lives.

There is also something intrinsically funny about putting a computer in a beaver. In fact, I find it difficult to think of a more ridiculous case housing for an office machine. All innuendos aside, what better creature to house the busiest of machines - the machine that has sped up our lives and made us captive to a constant flow of information.

The beaver is the first case mod I've done. Many thanks to all those who helped.

Next, I would like to make a car out of a giant squid."

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Posted 17/04/2007 – 22:26

I agree with Arnoud its kinda corny to build a computer in a beaver, but I do like the explaination written along with the peace.. " As we become increasingly reliant on technology, we become disconnected from our natural environment. "
Yes of course. Makes me feel there is a young kicking artist at work here, developping a language to deal with the situation we find ourselves in... I am looking forward to Kasey's next piece!

Posted 17/04/2007 – 17:47

But it's funny

Posted 16/04/2007 – 17:39

I found that link as well, but thought it was a bit dull for the Next Nature blog. Perhaps I failed to see where the beaver connects with the computer-environment in a way that it becomes a 1+1=3 experience. Put a computer in a birthday-cake or in Santa's beard and you'll have the same result.

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