Information Decoration for Dummies

Van Mensvoort
April 2nd 2007

With this cooking timer gadget, you can explain information decoration to anyone. In addition to its default explicit digital time display, it has a modus in which the passing of time can be displayed implicitly with the number of blocks piled at the bottom. Making it more like a sandglass (with that natural analog feeling). Yes, it would have been even better if the decorative function was integrated in the stove.

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Dr Natural
Posted 03/05/2007 – 18:37

The future is analog!

Posted 02/04/2007 – 18:14

I like it. sort of like a sunrise for cooking

Dr Natural
Posted 02/04/2007 – 16:43

Of course it would have been an even better example of infodeco if the gadget was integrated in the architecture of the kitchen... but i understand this is difficult, being a gadget and all..

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