First A4 colour e-paper unfurled

Van Mensvoort
May 14th 2007

a4 display

Philips presented an A4-sized colour electronic paper. A paper-thin and bendable viewing panel. "This represents the next generation in display technology," Chung In-Jae, chief technology officer and executive vice-president, said in the statement.

So, does this mean the paperless society is further away then ever or right around the corner? It is kinda corny they made it A4 size (to make it fit in your printer?). One great thing about this 'electronic paper' is that it only consumes power when the image changes on the display. I also like the fact that it -as it seems- is a passive display, meaning that it is reflecting instead of emitting light (It shoudn't give you the feeling you're looking into a lightbulb, like reguar displays and will automatically adjust to the environmental lighting conditions). I believe that once affordable it could lead to many interesting 'information decoration' type of products.

Via: Bright. Related post: E-paper.

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Dr Natural
Posted 24/05/2007 – 23:46

Yes please go do ahead and write a post about digital graffiti... I am to busy painting the streets.

Posted 24/05/2007 – 03:42

turn it into a topic--> this too must be next nature somehow ;)

Dr Natural
Posted 24/05/2007 – 01:43
especially the led throwies are nice of course.:

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