French Aids Campaign

Van Mensvoort
May 2nd 2007

french aids poster
This French Aids campaign is a wonderful example of biomimicmarketing (using images of old nature for propaganda or marketing purposes). They may be disturbing but the message comes across loud and clear. I will never ever have sex with a scorpion again!

Via: Posthumanblues, Newscientist.

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big dogg
Posted 16/11/2007 – 23:00

who or what kind of person comes up with this f***ing
this kind of sh*t

Posted 15/11/2007 – 22:53

this is weird.. although it gives a clear message on how unprotected sex can give u diseases and cause complicated problems.

Posted 15/11/2007 – 20:57

r u kiding me!?

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What is your view on the coronavirus?

Koert van Mensvoort: The virus makes us aware of other lifeforms with other perspectives, desires and needs. It also teaches us that we are one humanity. These viral invaders don’t discriminate on the basis of nationality, race, income, social status, political or sexual preference. We are together and must work together to overcome. Stay safe.

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