People in Need Campaign

Dr Natural
May 30th 2007

people in need campaign: nextnature compared to old nature

Every next nature typically parasites on some older nature, which as a result dries out and eventually vanishes. Only rarely this mechanism is made visible.

The Dutch charity organization Mensen in Nood (people in need) hits the streets with a remarkable campaign. People in need are posing with the typical attributes of consumer culture. The price of a designer handbag (32 €) is compared with the price of a whole week of food (4 €), The price a pint of beer (€ 4.50) with the price of 50 liter clean water (1.50 €). The pictures were taken by Swedish fashion photographer Carl Stolz.

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cindy stevens
Posted 08/07/2012 – 08:22

i hope those people were compensated well.....or that would of defeated the purpose. they worked hard posing for the photos as highly paid top models.

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Posted 19/05/2012 – 03:56

bookmarked!!, I love your website!

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