Tickle Massage Robot

Van Mensvoort
May 13th 2007

Tickle is a small robot that walks on the human body to generate a pleasant, tickling sensation.It has two motors and rubber feet for a good grip on the skin. When it encounters a slope that is too steep, it will steer until a safe level is found, and it will continue its way. Tickle has been awarded with a first prize in 1999 at LIFE 2.0, an international competition on Art & Artificial Life. In the current version the technology has been renewed, to improve its movement behavior. Created by Erwin Driessens & Maria Verstappen and currently on display at the Bios4 exhibition in Spain.

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Posted 10/03/2009 – 08:11

6 yrs since I Saw this originally and I Still can't find anything for sale like this.... ugh, the money someone could make if they were to sell these!

George CHEN
Posted 04/08/2008 – 13:34

Dear Sir,
We have Japan customer who is mail order customer has interesting to distribute the tickle massage robot. Please keep us advised for further information.

Posted 23/03/2008 – 21:01

Where can one get one of these delightful devices?

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