Not A Cornfield

Arnoud van den Heuvel
July 30th 2007

not a cornfield 1

"Not A Cornfield" is a project (2005) by Artist Lauren Bon. It's a living sculpture in the form of a field of corn east of Downtown Los Angeles. The site - historically a train yard - is in between two busy streets, with the hills of Chinatown on one side, and a warehouse no-mans land on the other.

not a cornfield 2

By bringing attention to the site throughout the "Not A Cornfield" process, Bon hopes to rise questions about the nature of urban public space; whose history would a historical park in the city center actually describe, and about the politics of land use and it's incumbent inequities.

not a cornfield 3

not a cornfield 3

not a cornfield 3

not a cornfield 5

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Posted 31/07/2007 – 02:19

Think they've been there ;) see picture 1

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I just forwarded this post to

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