Ferrari Tomato

Van Mensvoort
August 2nd 2007

Do you happen to know the Dutch Tomatoes? They look like Ferrari's and taste like shit. They are redder, rounder, larger, and maybe even healthier than the ones from our gardens. They are more natural than natural: Hypernatural. They are Dutch Design. You can find them in a supermarket nearby.

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Posted 03/08/2007 – 12:41

By the way, I know the tomatoes you're referring to. Shit is a strong word, but I agree they taste like water with tomato-flavor. And if they had wheels, I would park some out front. ;)
Posted 03/08/2007 – 03:16

Thanks Arnoud, I added the ketchup link.

Posted 02/08/2007 – 13:00

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