Hug T-Shirt

Rolf Coppens
August 9th 2007


If you're longing for the touch of a loved one who is a few thousand miles away, what better way than to pick up the Hug Shirt for the both of you? This shirt is capable of recreating the physical hug feeling by teaming up with Bluetooth wireless technology, a Hug Me Java software, and a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone. The Hug Shirt does not come with any pre-assigned cellphone number, but it instead sends data to your cellphone via Bluetooth, where your special friend on the other end of the line will receive a hug on his/her shirt via Bluetooth as well.

The Hug Shirt has been nominated as one of the Best Inventions of 2006 by Time Magazine. Looks like we're a bit late.

I can use a hug now... Anyone? Please?

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Posted 19/10/2012 – 14:32

How can i get hold of one of these? - Where stocks them?

fadma bouhouch
Posted 19/08/2010 – 13:57

could you please inform me if the hugshirts are for importing and reselling?
regards from the netherland.
fadma bouhouch

Posted 14/05/2010 – 06:18

Please, send me information to buy wholesale and/ or retail. Thanks.

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