Fake for Real: Image Consumption

Van Mensvoort
September 15th 2007

Next Nature: Image consumption

Hey! That muddy, greasy burger on my plate isn't the firm, fresh, delicious one I picked out from the advertisements above the counter, is it?

I vividly remember my first visit to McDonald's as a child. Of course, I already knew all the products from the commercials, and when the burger came to the table, I remember thinking, "Ok, this is it then..." Although the burger tasted great, my awareness that I was actually eating an image gave it a weird flavor. I later learned that this is how things are in our time: the image no longer represents the product. Rather, the product represents the image.

From our Fake for Real series.

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Shalom Craimer
Posted 17/06/2009 – 18:44

I guess this is sort of the ultimate version of "purple is a fruit" - in my mind, the purple food coloring has been strongly attached to the "grape" flavor. So much so, that drinking a transparent juice with the same flavor made me imagine it being slightly purple!
I guess we project ourselves onto everything!

Posted 11/10/2007 – 20:50

A twist on your Golden Arches story, with Taco Bell entering the Mexican market:
"Taco Bell, a unit of Louisville, Ky.,-based Yum Brands Inc., made its name promoting its menu to Americans as something straight out of Mexico. In Mexico, the company is projecting a more "American" fast-food image by adding french fries to the menu at its first store, which opened in late September in Monterrey."

Posted 07/10/2007 – 13:46

Well Max, I felt the example was quite self explanatory. The point I am trying to make is that, while we usually believe real objects and products can be represented by images, we seem to have arrived at a situation where the image becomes the primary thing and the object or product becomes an illustration of the image..

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