Bone Chair

Van Mensvoort
October 8th 2007

Joris Laarman's Bone chair takes its inspiration from the efficient way that bones grow (adding material where strength is needed and taking away material where it's unnecessary). Made using a digital tool developed by GM that copies these methods of construction, Laarman says the ironic result of his biomimetic technique is "an almost historic elegancy" that is "far more efficient compared to modern geometric shapes."

Bye bye modernism. Hello nextnature?

I'm really not sure whether this is a sneak preview into our bright future of grown objects or just an illustrative biomimicmarketing of a clever stylist. Anyhow it is a beautiful piece of furniture and I have no difficulties to image living my future primitive life in a whole bone-grown interior. Pity the production process is so incredibly expensive still.

Via Coolhunting.


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Posted 02/11/2007 – 04:51

i good!

Posted 01/11/2007 – 23:49

It's is ugly.
It would function only in expensive sexclubs.
Posted 22/10/2007 – 22:04

Me too Wendy. Pity the production process is so incredibly expensive still.

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