Dutch Nature

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
October 29th 2007


A few days ago, I went for a day trip walk to the Dutch "Great Outdoors". It didn't take long before we got confronted with a typical dutch stance on natural experience: a guy with a blowing machine, blowing leaves from the forest path—

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Posted 31/10/2007 – 11:20

Well, Hemaworstje, that depends on your definition of "forest" :-) How about a forest of https://nextnature.net/?p=1603

Posted 31/10/2007 – 02:09

, yes so what?
we don't want granny stumbling down and breaking her hip now do we.
I take it this guy gets paid for what he does ,so it is not a forest as it is.
come 2 think of it, we don't have one forest in the Netherlands.

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