Food for Thought

Arnoud van den Heuvel
October 1st 2007


Food is no food. Food is scent. Food is temporary experience. Food is message.

Welcome to this magical gastronomy tour. You will enjoy the tasty (video)links below:

Works by Chef Ferran AdriÃ? Acosta (1962) / El Bulli, Costa Brava Spain: Video





Works by Chef Heston Blumenthal (1966) / The Fat Duck, Berkshire UK: Video | Video2





Works by Chef Grant Achatz (1974) / Alinea Restaurant, Chicago USA (works together with industrial designer Martin Kastner): Video





Dessert: a Video (click Play) about Biochemist Rachel Edwards-Stuart (1982) / Nottingham, UK.

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1 comment

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 01/10/2007 – 16:27

Interesting how I'm getting a little peckish at seeing these beautiful pieces of art, while at the same time my sense of aesthetics is incredibly tickled. So, eating (which is one of the most basic and natural things to do for a human being) becomes increasingly connected with the world of art. Or let's say: connected with culture to broaden it up a little.
To me, these are interesting categories within the next nature debate. The same goes with sex. Anti conception (= technology) separated sex and reproduction forever. Nature became culture.
But with this food design it's something like nature becoming culture and then becoming natural again.
I have to rethink this, but first I need a sandwich…

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