Fake for Real: Romantic Sunsets

Van Mensvoort
November 7th 2007

Fake for Real: Romantic Sunsets

Sunsets are loved by people all around the globe. Could this universal aesthetic preference be linked to a deeply rooted understanding of the sunset's importance? Life on earth could not exist without the gigantic nuclear power station of the sun. If it dimmed, it would mean the end of all earthly life, although because of the enormous distance, it would take eight minutes for us to notice our doom. Regardless of our knowledge, the sun remains a romantic disc in the sky. In 2003, artist Olafur Eliasson created an installation at the Tate Gallery in London that consisted of a large disc with stacks of fluorescent lights behind it, permitting visitors to enjoy an artificial but nonetheless magnificent indoor sunset. Needless to say, people loved it. Luckily, the real sun is expected to remain lit for the next few billion years.

From our Fake for Real series.

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Adam Monaco
Posted 16/05/2008 – 17:55

I would really like to use the sun picture as an album cover. How would i contact the artist to work something out.

Posted 08/11/2007 – 05:58

Koert, I believe that within this category Fake for Real, you'll find the following video by Digital Domain very interesting:
You can find an higher resolution at Digital Domain (http://www.d2.com) website, under the following Categories:
Commercials > Character | Orville Redenbacher.
From the website:
"Faced with the daunting task of recreating a well-known American icon, Digital Domain pioneered a complete CG head replacement in bringing Orville Redenbacher back to life for this spot. (...) the result is a first in television history and a look into the future of the industry."

Posted 07/11/2007 – 20:55

I have just seen this post and i have remembered the winner project for the Madrid International Convention Center which uses the sunset reference in his form. His slogan was "Madrid: where the sun never sets".
Look at it

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