“Powerbutton” Button

November 11th 2007


Powerbutton is a badge. Found on buzzworks.nl.

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Posted 14/11/2007 – 22:59

I like that power button. Of course it is a useless simple thing, but it also nicely visualizes how metaphors and phenomenon's from the digital world tend to boomerang back in our physical world.

Posted 13/11/2007 – 03:58

Haha I like it

Posted 12/11/2007 – 13:24

Of course it is very much a gadget–thing Marco, but okay, I can see the NextNature value of it. Has anyone ever clicked back to the very first post of this blog? Find it by searching the word 'Kiss'. I think the green one is also a nice piece of art.

<img src="https://nextnature.net/research/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/vd_demon_panda.jpg" width="255" height="255"/><img src="https://nextnature.net/research/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/s_grass.jpg" width="255" height="255"/>

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Lisa Mandemaker: Using an artificial womb could lead to more equality between sexes, but also between different family layouts. If men would be able to give birth to children, it would maybe be easier for male same-sex couples to have a child together.

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