Car Navigation – Just Follow the Red Cable

Van Mensvoort
December 23rd 2007

Just follow the yellow brick road ... thin red cable and you know where to go! Instead of looking at a small 6 inch screen, or listening to less than exact turn by turn directions, Virtual Cable provides you with a red ribbon projected on your windshield showing the exact path you should be taking. The ribbon actually appears to exist in 3D space outside your car thanks to a patent pending volumetric display system using lasers and mirrors.

Via Ubergizmo via Ohgizmo (so you know it's a gadget).

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Posted 27/12/2007 – 06:38

The environment becomes the interface (again).

Rolf Coppens
Posted 24/12/2007 – 14:55

Makes me think of that game Need for Speed!

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