Dutch water-management – mud obsession..

February 25th 2008


Once the Dutch became famous for their 'water-management'. Lately, their famous 'trick' turned into an obsession for mud, resulting into several experiments in and around Dubai. The so called innovation platform - an independent think-tank for innovation in the Netherlands - wants to spread Dutch fame (or mud) even further.
Arnouds post about the Tulip island reached a next level. In this movie the innovation platform presented their new ideas - referred to by bieslog as a new form of 'horizon pollution'.

Go here to watch the movie in English.

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Posted 04/03/2008 – 02:10

Thanks Stijn, It is an honor to be nominated.. My guess is the jury will select the Wiskundemeisjes; they are so sweet & girly & Dutch. I can not think of a better promotion for 'kies exact'.

Posted 03/03/2008 – 13:04

https://nextnature.net is nominated for the dutch bloggies in the science category. Congratulations Guys!

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 26/02/2008 – 14:47

Dutch Design follows the money. The money follows the water.

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