Kokon Chair

Van Mensvoort
February 8th 2008


Our peculiar object of the week is the 'Kokon Chair' created by Dutch designer Jurgen Bey, who wrapped existing chairs with tight, elastic synthetic fiber resulting in a highly imaginative hybrid. Futuristic nostalgics? Sure. The conceptually interesting thing here, is that instead of using raw material, existing products are recycled as a design material for a new product. Furthermore Kokon furniture subverts the idea of an ideal form by suggesting infinite variations of the archetype; Form follows Form.

kokon family

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Posted 16/05/2010 – 07:29

The Best

Posted 08/02/2008 – 09:35

Oh.. and if you think this chair is soo 21th century I would agree but I also have to add that is was designed in 1997. :)

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