Simulated Diamonds

Van Mensvoort
February 14th 2008

That shiny sparkling stone you got from your lover... is that a diamond? Lab manufactured diamonds are getting exceedingly good. They have the same color, clarity, cut and carat as minded diamonds and —since they are created in a laboratory— you can be sure they are 'conflict free'. The one in the picture (below) is from Israel (speaking of conflict free zones) and can be bought here. Of course, if you really want something exclusive for your lover, you should forget about diamonds altogether and get some biojewellery.

Simulated Diamond

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Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 14/02/2008 – 19:32

Smells like a new Fake For Real card...

Posted 14/02/2008 – 12:54

Israel does not fit with my definition of "conflict free zone". Sad but true.

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