Better than the real thing

Van Mensvoort
March 30th 2008

better then the real thing

Take a bite from this pear and I'll spare you all the default connotations with the apple of eden.

Source photo by Pablo Montanez. See also Modernistic Watermelon, Ferrari Tomato, Cubic Fruit, How to grow an Orangina Bottle. Thanks Selby.

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Instant Anxiety Cures
Posted 09/10/2010 – 00:12

I'd really like to drop a few of those into a juicer, that should make a tasty smoothie.

Posted 24/02/2009 – 23:59

portfolio site of the creator of the image:

Posted 22/11/2008 – 11:51

smart idea!
yes, the photographer it is Pablo Montanez
here is the original click MENU > Still Life > 4th image
and here a different version (colors) which I like more

load more

Should men be able to give birth to children?

Koert van Mensvoort: Is the artificial womb frankenstein-like symbol of (male) engineers trying to steal the magical womb from women? Or… is it a feminist project and needed to reach through equality between the sexes? I personally lean towards the latter. To me it feels like progress if a girl can tell a guy to carry the womb for a change.

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