Futuristic Bird Dwellings

Van Mensvoort
March 18th 2008

Modern Bird

Every fashionable self-conscious modern bird needs one of these futuristic dwellings, no? Designed by Kevin Sethapun.

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Posted 19/03/2008 – 05:51

Poor yellow homesick fellow; wanting to crawl back into its egg...

Posted 18/03/2008 – 01:13

Seen at Art Center product design department. Class instructors Norm Schureman & Laura Dye.

Should men be able to give birth to children?

Koert van Mensvoort: Is the artificial womb frankenstein-like symbol of (male) engineers trying to steal the magical womb from women? Or… is it a feminist project and needed to reach through equality between the sexes? I personally lean towards the latter. To me it feels like progress if a girl can tell a guy to carry the womb for a change.

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