If the earth is not round..

March 28th 2008

The convincing tone of the Iraqi Astronomy researcher Fadhel Al-Sa'd in his elaboration on the shape of the earth in an Iraqi television show, is just as ridiculous as it is impressive. Nonetheless, some established modern 'information society' thinkers agree with him that the world is flat (well, metaphorically that is).

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Posted 02/04/2008 – 17:43

First of all the guy is a complete dumbass, and his is definately not a muslim. The quran mentions nothing of what he says. the quran mentions nothing about the earth being flat, nor that the earth is round.. but it is spherical! this was in the Quran long long long before scientist proved it. He is not a muslim!

Posted 02/04/2008 – 14:18

and allah froze the traffic in the background...

Jeroen Nobel
Posted 30/03/2008 – 14:26

Every (wo)man has his own right to proclaim his truths. It just gets scary when one will not listen to sound reasoning, and base his beliefs on a book which is 1400 years old. Mankind has made (scientific) progress since, will someone please covince this man of that?

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