Old nature compared

Arnoud van den Heuvel
March 15th 2008

The comparison graphics are a bit dull after a while, but I think this video illustrates how people deal with the forces of Next Nature; If we want to understand why managers, directors, institutes and corporations exist, probably a good old–nature safari will be able to teach us: to protect what is yours and survival of the fittest. The corporate world is only the next wild system.

Managers nor directors were hurt during the making of this film.

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Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 18/03/2008 – 12:56

Who are the wildebeasts?

Posted 16/03/2008 – 23:18

As for the added graphics… that's a matter of taste: I can see the thing was created a bit too fast. F.e. somewhere in the video it says “WEB DISIGNER”
But then the style is not very important for the point I am trying to make.

Posted 16/03/2008 – 22:19

creative industry = nextnature?
I also don't agree with Rolf.I like this video.

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