Pass the sunglasses

Rolf Coppens
March 3rd 2008


Viganella is a small town in the Italian Apls. It is located in a valley between very steep mountains. The mountains are so steep that from November the village ends up in the shade for the rest of the winter. So Mayor Pierfranco Midali promised to bring sunshine to the small town.


Mr. Midali is going to place a giant mirror on one slope that will reflect the sun down to the town. This mirror will relfect enough sunshine to allow five hours of daylight in the winter. That is five hours more than they had before.

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Posted 03/03/2008 – 23:49

That saves a lot of electricity?! Nice to see this idea is still being worked on a smaller scale, since the Russians in 1999 gave up their space mirror project that was supposed reflect sunlight down on to selected cities in the Northern Hemisphere.

Posted 03/03/2008 – 23:45

If only it was possible to have one of these can shine sunlight through the clouds here in Vancouver?! ;)

Posted 03/03/2008 – 20:18

This will be followed by a cult-like worship of the Sun-God-Mirror, as per the movie Sunshine. Powerful.

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