Remember nature? Fake or real?

March 23rd 2008

Visiting the American Natural History Museum in New York, I pictured myself in about, let's say 150 years from now, trying to explain my younger family members what nature looked like in 2008. Pointing at the 2-d icons and - without glancing at the list of names corresponding with the numbers - recalling names of the birds that are extinct. I also would explain my memories as a child, making these boxes - a little less professional, but nonetheless beautiful - myself. Wandering around in the forest picking up pieces of flora and fauna that got carefully displayed in a shoe-box sized diorama..

diorama natural history museum nyc

Would this be the future of nature? Looking at diorama lightboxes and trying to compare the numbers of the 2d-icons with the 'real thing' in the box?

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Posted 25/03/2008 – 20:59

It would be post-history..

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 25/03/2008 – 19:41

Interesting. What is we had the technical ability to revive all extinct species that ever inhabited our world? From the Dodo bird to the notorious predator Tyrannosaurus Rex. It would probably be some kind of weird amalgam between Jumanji and Jurrassic parc. With some enimals we are happy that they're extict, with others we are not. Save T-rex!

Posted 24/03/2008 – 23:05

Of course ;) It's the ultimate museum: putting the old nature in a time capsule where nothing changes. And I think we have proven already that the difference between Fake, Real or the Hyperreal is only a

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