Save The Tumor

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
March 18th 2008

Save The Tumor

Chantal Sebire suffers from an extremely rare form of cancer (foto: AFP)

Since a few centuries some we tend to consider nature as something to preserve. Hence the international campaigns for saving the rainforest, panda's, the ozone layer and the korenwolf (a dutch animal living in the polder).

But who decides what part of nature should be preserved? Nobody seems to be interested in actively saving or preserving mosquitoes, tornado's, crop-devouring locusts or in this case: tumors. Chantal Sébire, the lady on this picture, is fighting to get legal euthanasia in france. Tumors are a natural thing. We consider them a 'flaw' of nature, but a few hundred years ago, we might have considered them a punishment of God. Nature changes along with us.

Source: BBC

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Posted 28/03/2008 – 11:51

(Yesterdays news; she died of a sleeping pill overdose)

Posted 20/03/2008 – 12:07

This morning Chantal Sebire was found dead in her house (cause of death unknown). Peace to her.

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
Posted 19/03/2008 – 15:22

Hi ebcdi, this is not really the point I'm trying to make although the discussion is an interesting one. What I am trying to say is that we can bevery inconsequent and romantic as it comes down to our perception of nature. Nobody saves hurricanes or volcanoes. We tend to see them as "byproducts" of nature, just as diseases like cancer.

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