Speaking at the Wall

Van Mensvoort
March 7th 2008

speaking a wall

I used to hear voices in my head, but now they seem to be coming from the walls – am I back in to the womb? No wait.. it's a wall that reacts to the spectators voice (quicktime). The installation plays with the new notions of space offered by the digital/physical world and is meant as a pure shape of intuition. Italian design for narcissistic delight! We are awaiting a more advanced version of the wall that could, for instance, remember and show who was in a the room before. No wait... why not do a version with bananas?

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Dr Natural
Posted 07/03/2008 – 22:06

yeah cool. its Italian so what do you expect.

Posted 07/03/2008 – 18:47

yeah, that's really cool !

Posted 07/03/2008 – 13:21

The artpiece seems almost religious. I see a relationship with the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Wall (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem or the http://www.sacred-destinations.com/china/temple-of-heaven-beijing.htm (echo wall) at the Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan) Beijing, China. The wall is patient and will allways be there. Trust the wall. Feel its security; the wall of FAITH!

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